Ashram or Aashram Review Part 2 Release Date Ending Explained Part 2 Spoilers Story Bobby Doel Mx Player

‘Ashram’ or ‘Aashram’ is the latest super hit web series from an Mx player. Starring Bobby Deol and Prakash Jha as director. It has crossed 100 million views in 5 days. This post is about, ‘Ashram’ review part 2 release date and Ending explained and story prediction of part 2.

In a short review of the Ashram web series, I would say it is the perfect drama. You can watch it. Though it has long episodes and part 2 will have all the main points, still worth watching.

It has given details of the crime and part 2 will be more interesting to watch. It has already increased curiosity in fans. It has more positive than negative, so go and watch.

Ashram part 2 will be released in October mainly close to 23 Oct as Mirzapur season 2 slated to release the same day. The Mx player wants to compete with Netflix and Amazon. So this will divide viewers.

Now coming to the ending of the Ashram web series you will get to know it is a biopic of Baba Ram Rahim. Many incidents are copied from his life. So Babita the sister-in-law of Pummy might be Baba Nirala’s death.

She has reason to kill Baba Nirala that is Bobby Doel. Because of Baba, her husband underwent surgery of impotency. Baba also has assaulted Pummy in part 2. She will have many reasons to make this happen.

She could be Honeypreet of this series. All these characters are inspired by real life. Baba Ram Rahim has also done the same with his favorite ‘bhakt’ whom he proposes marriage without seeing the face of the girl.

Later he adopted her to hide their relationship. So Babita's role could be inspired by Honeypreet.  The next thing that could happen in season 2, is the death of Kavita’s sister as she could hamper Baba’s image. So, she has to die and the funeral scene we saw is of her.

We also have seen a hanging body; it is none other than Pummy’s brother. He is the manager there.  He may know the truth of the drug connection and assault happen against his sister.

They have tortured him. In the end, he could have attempted suicide. In reality, they killed that person and made it look like a suicide. So this could happen in season 2 or part 2.

Will Baba die in part 2? Maybe yes. If this series ends with season 1 only then he has to die. Mostly, Babita will kill him. If the series goes in season 2, then he will be in jail for a few days or will escape from there or use the power to crush all.

Here the question we all have is what is happening in the ashram? Then it is related to drugs. Baba Ram Rahim had also a connection with drugs, but due to his connection. It was not highlighted.

Most of the ‘bhakts’ were given drugs to relieve them from pressure and be in Baba’s trap. This is why Ujagar Singh has changed his looks and goes in the Ashram for investigation. Now, Ujagar Singh and his colleague have become a drug addict.

The ashram needs a man to make more sweets that contain drugs. So, they recruit new men, and they are one of them. As they enter they will know the truth and proof to put Baba behind the bars.

So this was it. We are coming with JL 50 ending within 2 days so be ready for a detailed explanation of JL 50 ending. Happy reading.