Hrishikesh Bhandarkar Aka Baba Biography Wiki Age Career And More Tiger Group

Hrishikesh Bhandarkar aka Baba is the president of Khandesh( Dhule,Nandurbar, and Jalgaon) at the Tiger Group. He is also the North Maharastra president of the International Human Rights Council.

Hrishikesh is famous for his social work and lifestyle. He is a Youth Icon for Youngsters and very closed to Tanaji Bhau Jadhav the president of Tiger Group. He has helped many people in getting a job.

Baba is gaining popularity all over Maharashtra. Youth look at him as a man who has balanced the life between business and social work. He has zero egos and connected to his fans.

He is famous for his Tattoo and dressing style. The two tattoos include "Hrishi" on the left hand and "HB "  that is initial of Hrishikesh Bhandarkar and King Crown on the right hand.

Hrishi is popular for his eyes, which are of hazel green color. His hair is long and Light brown.

He runs his family business and owns Hyundai Creta & Volkswagen Vento. Along with cars, he is fond of bikes and owns a Royal Enfield.

Hrishikesh belongs to a respectful family. They are well known in their city. His father is a businessman and always support him in life.

Baba with Mr.Adityaji Thackeray and Ms.Priya Dutt who know him well.

In a hectic schedule, he has kept some time for hobbies, which include reading books. We can call him an avid reader and also likes traveling.

He is also famous for his grand entry in various cities. He always keeps cool with his fan base and gives time to them.

Baba is just 23 years old and runs a YouTube channel with his name. It has more than 9 Lakh views and 5k subscribers.

Currently, he is single, and we can call him the most eligible bachelor. As for now, we have this much information we will update more as soon as possible.

Let's take a look at his Bio:

Real Name: - Hrishikesh Bhandarkar.

Nick Name: - Baba

Famous For: - Social Work, Royal lifestyle & Grand Entries.

Profession: - Businessman & he owns his family business.

Height: - 5'11

Weight: - 80 (As Of 2020)

Skin Color: - Fair

Eye Color: - Hazel Green

Hair Color: - Light Brown

Tattoo: - He has got a tattoo inked of ‘Hrishi' on his left arm 'HB' and 'King Crown’ on his right arm.

Birthday: - 9 April 1997

Hometown: - Dhule, Maharashtra

Birthplace: - Dhule, Maharashtra

Nationality: - Indian

Zodiac Sign: - Aries

Relationship Status: - Single

Marital Status: - Unmarried

Affairs: - N/A

Income / Salary: - N/A

Family Background-

Father’s Name: - Narendra Bhandarkar

Mother’s Name: - Prabhavati Bhandarkar

Brother’s Name: - N/A

Sister’s Name: - N/A

Here are links to his official accounts and the fan base-

Facebook: -  32k + Followers Link

Instagram- 15k + Followers  Link

Actor:- Sushant Singh Rajput, Sanjay Dutt & Akshay Kumar

Actress: - Sridevi & Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Color: - Black & Pink

Hobbies: - Reading Books and Travelling.

Favorite Show: - The Kapil Sharma Show.

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