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So here is what will happen in season 2. The diary says ‘one woman comes into Kumar's life’. The name of that lady is Madhumalini who is married. Now Kumar and Madhu fall in love. Everyone gossips about their affair. 

In this Madhu’s husband dies and many suspects on Kumar as he was in an affair with Madhu. The news spread everywhere and Kumar’s wife came to know this. Kumar's wife kills herself in suicide with his child. When Kumar returns from jail came to know about his wife. He feels guilty.

In this mess, he forgot to read the diaries. In this, he tries for various jobs but couldn’t get one because of his past. His friend sent him to Pune for a job. Kumar starts his new life and works very hard. 
Due to this, he becomes a partner in that company. His life is all set and then he remembers Madhu, who is also in Pune. They met and started afresh journey.

We all think that everything is going right, but Kumar met with an accident while going to Mumbai to work. After that, there is a little bit of the story and Kumar dies.  Many of you might get shocked by how he can die? Why didn’t he change the future?

Here is the trick. In the end, Chakrapani meets Kumar and their conversation will give answers to all the questions you have. We will not reveal it here because this may spoil your mood for season 2 or reading books if you are interested.

It is an old book and it works on a different concept. The word ‘Samantar’ means ‘Parallel.’ It is like a chain. Kumar could not change the future, neither Chakrapni could do the same. 

Here Chakrapni’s spirit will get released and Kumar will go to the same place where he met Chakrapani. Now Kumar will wait for someone like him. 

When he met his parallel, he will give diaries. The same will happen to the next person. It goes on and on. What if someone breaks the chain? Then Kumar’s spirit will be stuck there and everything in the universe will change. 

That is the reason Chakrapni doesn’t tell him the future.  Kumar can change the future and Chakrapni will be stuck in that house forever.  

The book believes in the concept of ‘God and everything is fixed.’ We can’t change the future. If we change it, then everything will get messed up. We have seen around 90% of the story is the same even names are not changed.

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‘Samantar’ web series has surprised everyone with its ending. Many are waiting for season 2 and want to know what will happen in season 2. We are here with the ‘summary of Samantar book’ that will help you find what is going to happen next?

‘Samantar web series’ is 90% similar to the ‘Samantar book’ which is written by Suhas Shirwalkar. The rest changes are because the book is a bit old. So, you may see some changes, but the rest is the same. 
This post is a combination of the Samantar web series as well as the summary of the book in one place.

If you have watched Samantar season 1 then click on this link to read the story of season 2. 
Let’s begin the story from the beginning. The lead character of the book and series is Kumar Mahajan That is played by Swapnil Joshi, who is married and frustrated with his life. 

Nothing is going right in his life. He wants to know the future. So, he can change it. His friend takes him to a Fortune-teller (A monk). After looking at his hand the monk says he has seen this hand before. He also rejects to tell Kumar’s Future.

Kumar doesn’t believe in God and destiny. But his messy life made him think about the person who met the ‘Baba’ before. He tries to find that man if they have some similarities he can change his future.

As the days go, he came to know more about that man and the incidents happening his life is almost similar to his life. He got stuck in the bribery case and still get a promotion the same happens to the other person.

Now Kumar realizes that someone had lived the same life and his past will be Kumar's future. In the end, Kumar meets that man i.e his future. The name of that man is Chakrapani. 

Kumar is still confused as the man may be a spirit because of his nature and the way he speaks. So, he tries to find whether this person is fake or real, he questions Chakrapani about his past life.
They talk for hours discussing their past life. 

Their childhood marks and the death of their beloved child. The corruption case and his promotion. Kumar asks him what will happen next in his life.
Chakrapani instead of telling him the future gives Kumar diaries, which has his future. He also tells him to read one page only and if something bad happens, he can read 2 pages, but he should not disobey the rules set by Chakrapani. 

Now Kumar returns home and reads the first page of the diary i.e his future. It was written as ‘One lady will come into his life.’ Here season 1 ends when I had read the book, I was shocked because most of the things were the same. Hence, season 2 will be according to the book.

Here most people will think that it is a plan of Chakrapani. If this is not the case then Kumar will change the future as Kumar is very curious and Bold. He may read the diary and try to change it. 
This is where the writer Suhas Shirwalkar makes you go wild with his writing. 

The same with web series director Satish Rajwade left you in the puzzle with an ending that makes you think about it.

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