Samantar Season 2 Spoilers - This Will Happen in Samantar Season 2 The Story And Ending Explained

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Questions without answers can make anyone curious. We try to find an answer to such a question. The same happened in ‘Samantar’ web series starring Swapnil Joshi and Tejaswiwni Pandit. It is available on Mx Player. The ending of the series left everyone in the puzzle. They are thinking of what could happen next in Samantar season 2.

Season 1 story involves a man whose life is messy and nothing going right in his life. To know his future, he visits Guruji. To his surprise, Guruji tells him that he saw this hand before. He also denies telling his future.

Swapnil realizes that something bad will happen in his life. In the end, he finds that someone had lived the same life he is living.  If he finds that man, he can change his future or prevent something bad from happening.

Please don’t read this article if you don’t want to spoil your mood. You may have visualized something different than the story. We are here with three stories. One from the book and others may happen as the story is similar to them.

Now we will tell you what can happen in season 2 without spoiling your mood. The spirit of Chakrapani can’t leave without someone else replaces him. 

Now Swapnil has to die to set his spirit free from the world. The same will happen to Swapnil’s spirit until he finds his man who will go through the same. The story will go like this.

If this doesn’t happen then director could go with this one. The whole story is a plan of Chakrapani. During the season we don’t know about Chakrapani and his life. We mostly think of him as the future of Swapnil. But this may be his plan. 

You may ask, why will he do that?  The answer lies in the love affair of Swapnil’s wife and him. He is the boss of that company.  All these things will be revealed in the next season till then we have to wait.

We can expect till now it is real. The diary will guide Swapnil to prevent any loss.  But when he comes to the end he may find a blank page.

What does it mean? It means no one can change the future and that day will be the last day of his life. We all know the future is hard to predict and even we know something will come up. We should not mess up with the future.

The series is based on ‘Samantar’ novel which is written by Suhas Shirwalkar many years ago. So there are many changes the director had to make.
He can change the story. He may not go with the book as many of us read it. So we have to wait for season 2. If you haven’t watched the series then go and watch.

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