While watching Panipat my friend was asking me questions like who is Sadashiv Bhau Played by Arjun Kapoor? 

Then came the name of Shamsher Bahadur and the man announced him as the son of Bajirao and Mastani.

Many of us were puzzled and don't know the relationship between the characters of the film. That could have made the movie more interesting, but Ashutosh Gowarikar badly failed in that area.

We are here to explain each and every character as simple as so you can grasp it easily. Here we will take pictures of Bajirao Mastani so you can understand it easily.

The first character is Sadashiv Rau the hero of the movie. He was the son of Chimaji Appa the brother of Bajirao Peshwa. 

To be honest Bajirao Mastani had played so much with characters that you may not believe or hard to believe how they changed so much in the film.

He had suffered for being the son of Chimaji Appa. He was brave and talented but not got the post of Peshwa as it belonged to Bajirao's family. 

We have seen that in the film Viswas Rao was about to rule as next Peshwa, in fact, the king of Delhi.

Bajirao Mastani showed that Bajirao and Chimaji Appa were fighting because of Mastani but that was not true at all.  They both were heroic in their battlefield. They had done a great job to expand the Maratha Empire.

The next character is Monish Bahl.  He has played the character of Nana Saheb the son of Bajirao and Kashibai. Bajirao Mastani portrayed him as a villain; here we see a drastic change. After the death of Bajirao, he became Peshwa of the Maratha Empire.

We also came to know that he liked Sadashiv Bhau for his bravery and love for the Maratha empire. Due to his wife, he let his son on the battlefield of Panipat that turns disaster for him. 

We also came to know he was shocked by the death of Sadashiv Rao and Vishwas Rao i.e his son.

The next Character that shocked everyone was of Shamsher Bahadur. He was the son of Mastani and Bajirao. Many of us thought about what happened to him in Bajirao Mastani.

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He had his own kingdom to rule, though under the Peshwa and Maratha king. He was part of many battles along with his brother Sadashiv Rau.

Many historians believe he was brought up under the care of Kashibai till her death and then his grandmother. 

You may find it hard to believe all this 360-degree turn in the nature of the characters. 

Bajirao Mastani took the liberty to make the film interesting, so does Panipat. So here logic doesn't work. It is according to writers to make the movie interesting.

We hope all the main characters from the film are covered. If you think something is missing, then do comment and don't forget to share this article.

Disclaimer:  While writing this article we have taken care of facts. Still, if there is any mistake do comment that. We will rectify it if there is any.