In this digital world, spending time with family has become difficult. We have jobs and many things to do. 

In this, So we forgot to live and spend quality time with our loved ones.

When was the last time you had dinner with your whole family? When had you watched any movie and laugh loud?   In this article, we are here with a solution to this problem.

We have brought Four movies you can watch with your family. These are dubbed versions of South Indian movies

We hope you will enjoy these movies. These will rejoice your family time and old memories too. 

So without wasting time, the first movie you can watch is Nani Maa. No doubt we have two homes. The first one is of our and the second is of  Nani Maa. 

It is a place where we spent our childhood holidays and Diwali. It is a place of happiness. This movie will surely recall your childhood memories.

The film revolves around a family, where no one has time. All are busy in their life. They all gather to collect their share of the property. 

Then what happens? We don’t want to spoil your interest in the story, so just watch and relive the memories of your childhood.

The next film on the list is S/o of Krishnamurthy. This film also revolves around the family.

It is a simple but sweet family entertainer. The film doesn’t have many twists and turns but surely will help you to realize the value of family.

It also shows the values of small things. The importance of spending time with family in this virtual world. In this film, the family gathers for the divorce of their parents.

This film will teach you a lesson. The importance of visiting your parents in festivals. Most parents are not used to this techno world. 

They just know the world of love and sharing happiness with loved ones. This film expresses what is in the parent's mind. What they really want?

Next in the list is Srinivasa Kalyanam. It is a simple movie with a powerful message. This movie tells us what is marriage? 

The importance of rituals and traditions that we perform in marriages. 

Nowadays we send invitation cards on social media; we pay money for arrangements and think marriage as an appointment.

This movie will change your views about marriage. This movie doesn't have many twists and turns yet; it will refresh your mood. It will brighten your family function and the way you look at them.

The last one is Brand BabuIt is a bit offbeat movie. Though it revolves around family it also shows people’s love for brands. 

In this world, we know people by their looks and the way they dress. This movie will show you how love and values are more important than money. This is a simple story with a strong message.

We hope you like the movies. You can watch these movies with your family

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