Everyone in this world wants to be famous. If not everyone, then most of us want to be famous. 

It may be different from person to person. Some of us want to famous for their work they are doing rest just want to be famous. 

Today, we have many platforms that will help us to be creative and express ourselves in this world. This comes Garima Chaurasia aka Gima Ashi.  

She is one of them who have got huge fame with a single viral video. She made a video on Tiktok a short video platform usually 15 seconds maximum that video broke the Internet. 

Many of us might have seen that video if not we have posted it here in this article. This video has more than 3 million views. 

The video has a rap song of ‘Emiway Bantai’. It is trending now because of the Gully Boy movie. Gully Boy made a huge collection at the box office. It is based on the life of rappers. 

It was something new for everyone as many of us don’t know about their life and this art form. But Ranveer pulled it very well and made a box office success. This is one of the major reasons for that video to become viral.

Many of us know her, but we are here with some interesting facts and updates about your favorite Tiktok star. 

Many of you might think that she got huge fame because of that video and may try for acting then you are absolutely wrong. She was always interested in acting; it is one of her dreams.

Another interesting fact many of us think she lives in India, you are wrong again, she lives in Singapore for that you can check her profile. 

Though the location is not confirmed yet, most of her pictures show that she lives in Singapore. 

After this video, she has earned 3 million followers and that video has more than 3 million views on Tiktok rest not counted yet. 

She is a social media influencer and loves traveling. We can see many photos are from different countries. She may have tied up with various brands as well as advertisements.

After this much fame how we can’t expect the troll?  Yes, she has to face trolls, but she replied it in an excellent way. One troll was about her jeans in the video. 

Many of them troll for wearing the same jeans. What she replied to the troll is epic. She replied “My life, my choice.”

Nobody thought Tiktok could be this much famous and may give tough competition to other social media platforms. 

It started with an app called Dubmash where people synchronize their lips with the dialogue or song. It was very popular in western countries, but India was far behind.

Then comes the “Musically” app, it took the internet by Strome. This app came with a great advertisement and celebrities started making their video. This resulted in the customer base of the app. Now it is known as Tiktok.

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